"What is important is that you get it LESS wrong than your enemy"
                                                  - Gen. Mark A. Milley, Chief of Staff of the Army, 2017

Happy American Thanksgiving Day - presenting Constellation Security's State of the Hack report for 2014
Nothing has improved in seven years...which is why this site is changing. Enjoy!

The prevailing cybersecurity strategy of Chase The Threat(tm) has failed!

Competent adversaries on the Internet WILL get into your system if they want to...
The bad actors can past all of the defenses.
Signature-based technologies and antivirus are dead.

Basically, you're screwed!

The "identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover" framework is a failure. No one is doing it properly. Ask any company or school district or anyone who's responded to ransomware. Undetected IOCs are everywhere.

Compliance frameworks, cyber insurance, and tabletop exercises do NOTHING to SECURE the infrastructure against those competent adversaries.

Enterprises pursue profit. Cybersecurity is seen as a cost center.

Effective cybersecurity requires examining what needs to be secured and then doing the work to ensure that access is restricted only to those who require it. But most businesses lack the knowledge and expertise...

So we're going to start putting solutions up here - some for free, others not, with the goal of raising the threshold to make it harder for the Chinese to steal IP and the Russians to extort your money.

Constellation Security understands that you want someone to "do it for you." Fine...we'll look at your network and do the hard work to identify assets, identify communications, and secure those communications. We'll secure the network completely with existing tools, without spending a fortune on new software or equipment.

We're computer security experts. We do it right.

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