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Don't Be Last!

The fundamental strategy of most security practices is wrong - "Chase the threat"(tm) doesn't work!

The key point to understand about computer security is that you don't necessarily have to be at the front...you just have to avoid being LAST.

For businesses, Computer security starts with understanding that there are competent adversaries out there. They WILL get into your system.

Computer security means examining what needs to be secured and then doing the work to ensure that access is restricted only to those who require it.

Computer security is about connecting the dots to see the whole picture. It's about having visibility into your infrastructure - knowing what's happening in real time.

We challenge our customers to get their business. We will secure their network completely with what they already had lying around the office and without them spending a fortune on new software or equipment. We're computer security experts. We do it right.

Why should you care? - Because it's your competitive advantage and your intellectual property, and no one should access it without your permission.

FreeBSD Rocks!
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